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He said he was "ready for all options", adding: "If the nuclear deal is to continue, the interests of the people of Iran must be assured".

"We all agreed that we have a relative in intensive care and we all want to get him or her out of intensive care as quickly as possible", European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told reporters after the 90-minute meeting.

"We are working on finding a practical solution", Mogherini told a news conference. Ahead of the meeting Iran's top diplomat has spoken about the JCPOA after the United States withdrawal from the deal. "The policy of the administration is to make sure that Iran never gets close to deliverable nuclear weapons".

Bolton said he was not present when the aide, Kelly Sadler, told other communications aides at a closed-door staff meeting that McCain's opposition to Gina Haspel as Central Intelligence Agency director did not matter because "he's dying anyway".

Intensive expert discussions will take place on the continued sale of Iranian oil and gas; banking transactions with Iran as well as sea, land, air, and rail transports; the provision of export credits and other financial tools; and the protection of European businesses operating in Iran, among other things, Mogherini said. The deal's official name is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA.

"I believe it's a good start".

Perry Cammack, of the Carnegie Middle East foundation, said "The primary target of United States secondary sanctions is not Iran itself but foreign financial institutions that trade with it". Zarif's has since embarked on a whirlwind global tour, visiting both Russian Federation and China, the two other signatory nations, in a bid to bolster support.

New Zealand businesses would suffer if the government gave in to threats from the United States over sanctions on dealings with Iran, Iran's ambassador to New Zealand says.

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European Union and Iran agreed to hold intense expert consultations in coming days with an aim to boost economic, trade and investment cooperation, the European Union foreign policy chief added.

Earlier in the day, the press Secretary of the Iranian government, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, said that his country will resume uranium enrichment if the way is found to preserve a "nuclear deal".

So far, China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany and Iran remain in the accord, which placed controls on Iran's nuclear program and led to a relaxation of economic sanctions against Iran and companies doing business there.

German exports to Iran totalled almost €3bn (£2.6bn) in 2017, while French exports soared from €562m in 2015 to €1.5bn in 2017.

But we also remain concerned how President Trump's scrubbing of the Iran deal will impact future diplomatic negotiations with Kim Jong Un.

"Good and substantive meetings with counterparts in Beijing & Moscow; heading to meet with EU High Rep and E3 FMs in Brussels".

She didn't specify which measures could be put in place to bypass USA sanctions, and protect European companies from potential punitive actions, repeating on several occasions that the technical details will be presented in a matter of weeks.

Washington has long complained that the nuclear deal does nothing to stop Iran's ballistic missile programme or its interference in conflicts across the Middle East from Syria to Yemen.