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As for what Sixers fans should be keeping an eye on once the lottery gets underway, well here's a chart courtesy of Tom Moore with odds to make it easier to follow.

Since the NBA Draft Lottery has included 14 picks (a system in place since 2004), 27 players have been drafted from American colleges who now play outside a power conference.

This is done for the first three picks. Doncic would also be a nice fit next to Devin Booker in a league where every team wants multiple playmakers on the court at all times.

Either way, Philadelphia has to be thrilled over this first-round pick of Los Angeles finally coming into play after all of these years since there will be plenty of great prospects to consider if they do end up with the selection.

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Williams will sit in the room where four pingpong balls will be drawn from a lottery machine and hope the Magic win the top overall pick.

Ironically, the Cavs are in the lottery thanks to the Brooklyn pick they received in the Irving trade with the Celtics. The others: Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. But even he would readily acknowledge how important the lottery is to the Magic, a franchise in need of a jump-start.

Los Angeles has just the 0.6 and 2.2 percent chances mentioned earlier. They have a 2.8 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick, and a 9.9. percent chance of moving up to the top three. The Nets pick will go to the Cavaliers and the Pistons pick will go to the Clippers. If it's No. 1 or it doesn't rise, the Philadelphia 76ers will have the pick. 2 or 3, it will go to the Boston Celtics. The selection is most likely going to land at No. 10 and in addition to that, the Sixers own their pick at No. 26.