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She hasn't been identified and deputies don't know how she got into the fenced-off pond, the sheriff's office said.

A body found in a Florida retention pond where divers were searching for a teenager who possibly drowned after an alligator attack did not have any signs of an alligator bite, authorities said Thursday morning at a news conference.

Williamson said no teens in the area had been reported missing. There were no signs that a gator attacked the woman, whose body was found about 50 yards offshore, he said.

A rescue began around noon Wednesday when a man told deputies he saw a teenage boy struggling to stay above the water. It was unclear as of Wednesday afternoon, however, if an alligator was in fact involved in the incident, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Chad Weber said. The teen eventually went underwater and didn't resurface, he said.

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"There's four alligators in this lake", Wolfe told the Orlando television station Wednesday.

"There are many alligators in there. He was taking his boys back there to fish", explained Ruben Perez.

"We did not witness anyone in the water but we have a witness, a very credible witness, who saw someone flailing about in the water and at some point making a statement saying, it bit me it bit me", said Jeff Williamson with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Neighbors have reported spotting a six-foot alligator in the pond in the past, according to authorities.