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Google notes that later this summer users will be able to schedule Routines for a specific day or time through Assistant or via the Google Clock app. Up until now, creating a new voice took hundreds of hours in a recording studio. You could argue that they will still be able to harvest voice search data to tailor ads but if I'm looking at screens less, then I won't see them.

To see if custom routines are live for you, just go to the Assistant settings in the Google app, find routines, and there will be a blue FAB to create a new routine. The idea here is that one command will allow your Assistant or Google Home to simultaneously do multiple tasks.

When Routines first launched we only had the option to use a few pre-designed routines from Google.

Google has been going all out in ensuring that Google Assistant becomes your go-to assistant of choice. We will keep you guys updated.

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If you're like me you hate using the hotword "Ok, Google" or "Hey, Google" over and over again to interact with the Assistant or your smart speakers. We're hearing this will be available on all devices in the coming weeks. You can ask Google two completely separate questions (for example "What is the weather and who do the Cavaliers play tonight?"), you'll get back two distinct answers. Giving you the option for takeout or delivery, and remembering popular items. You just need to surf through menus and order from different places like Applebee's and Starbucks. "Game researchers have noted that a lot of customization is available in video game characters, but it doesn't stop players from choosing super sexy female characters that don't wear a lot of clothes", said Dr. Sweeney.

Google revealed that nine new device types now work natively with Google Assistant. Google says that it supports 5,000 devices, although that's constantly being updated.

Previously, A/C units were listed as thermostats inside the Google Home app, but that's about to change. This gives us direct integration for more smart home products, which makes everything easier.

Today's smart home speakers and virtual assistant apps may be high-tech wonders that can turn on the lights, start our cars, book our appointments and make our calls - but they can also reinforce the dated stereotype of a subservient woman catering to a user's every whim. As the Huffington Post recently noted, half a billion Apple devices have Siri on them; Amazon sold tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices during the 2017 holiday shopping spree, and Microsoft's Cortana has nearly 150 million active monthly users.