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Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen stressed the importance that the U.S. decision would lead to addressing the danger being posed by Iran's policies to destabilize the security and stability of Islamic countries.

The agreement arranged for the easing of global economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for sharp reductions in its nuclear enrichment capabilities and allowing regular worldwide Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to all facilities.

During that trip, the Saudi crown prince also boasted about the kingdom's rich uranium reserves, saying Riyadh wants to have the ability to enrich its own uranium for use in the nuclear reactors to be built on Saudi soil.

President Trump's decision yesterday to "nix" the Iran Nuclear Deal was reckless.

At an Arab League summit last month hosted by Saudi Arabia, the country's King Salman said the regional body agreed to "renew our strong condemnation of Iran's terrorist acts in the Arab region and reject its blatant interference in the affairs of Arab countries".

Despite Riyadh's assurances to find a replacement for Iranian oil production, the oil price did not remain stagnant, rising 3.2 percent up to $71.25 (futures for June) per barrel on May 9.

"Even before the nuclear deal when the Iran regime was crippled with multilateral and unilateral economic sanctions, Tehran still continued to support militias, proxies and terrorist groups", Rafizadeh told Arab News.

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Qatar, alienated by a Saudi-led boycott, said priority must be given to non-proliferation and preventing a nuclear arms race. The International Atomic Energy Agency has so far verified Iran's adherence to the deal.

Trump said his decision to leave the JCPOA was created to counter that possibility.

Saudi Arabia has threatened to build a nuclear weapon if Iran pursued such a weapon of mass destruction, in the wake of a USA exit from a historic nuclear deal.

For all these reasons, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members will come under intense pressure to raise their output to make up for any loss of Iranian barrels. "And the Iranians must be held accountable for this", Jubeir told CNN.

Trump said Tuesday said he was ready to work on a new nuclear accord, one that would also curb Iran's missile programme.

Iran's top three rivals say its development of more powerful, longer-range ballistic missiles and its backing of majority-Shiite Muslim groups overseas are destabilizing to the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is now battling an insurgent Yemeni Zaidi Shiite Muslim group-also known as the Houthis or Ansar Allah-who occasionally targets Riyadh with missiles that Saudi Arabia claims are Iranian in origin.