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Eruptions of lava and gas were expected to continue, along with aftershocks from Friday's magnitude 6.9 quake, the largest in the area since 1975, according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

"Because of unstable conditions that involve toxic gas, earthquakes and lava activities, lines of safety can change at any time", the Civil Defence Agency said. In 2014, lava burned a house and smothered a cemetery as it approached Pahoa, the town closest to Leilani Estates.

In the video, you can see the steaming lava emerging from the underbrush, fully covering the road, and ultimately consuming a parked vehicle that was, unfortunately, not moved.

A volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island intensified over the weekend, with some people potentially stranded in their homes. As of Sunday night, evacuations for Leilani Estates remained in place, with the County of Hawaii latest alert noting that "active venting of lava and hazardous fumes" are still a problem.

By Monday morning, 35 structures - including at least 26 homes - had been destroyed, Hawaii Civil Defense said.

The lava has so far spread across 387,500 square feet.

The destructive tear of this volcanic eruption isn't over yet.

Hawaii's Big Island has turned into a scene from a Roland Emmerich film ever since the Kilauea volcano erupted last Thursday.

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The USGS's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory issued a notice in mid-April that there were signs of pressure building in underground magma, and a new vent could form on the cone or along what's known as the East Rift Zone.

Evacuees from Leilani Estates were allowed to return for pets, medications and to check property on Sunday, but some people, like Jeremy Wilson, found homes surrounded by fissures that can be hundreds of metres long. "You must be prepared to leave areas if required".

"Please, the residents of Leilani need your help. You can help tremendously by staying out of the area".

Tesha "Mirah" Montoya, 45, said the threat of toxic fumes wasn't enough to make her family evacuate, but the tipping point was the earthquakes.

Montoya, her husband and daughter don't know how long they will be away from the three-story octagonal house they built almost 20 years ago in a patch of "raw jungle". Leilani Estates sits along the zone. But she was more excited about her home and being a first-time homeowner.

Cherie McArthur wondered what would become of her macadamia nut farm in Lanipuna Gardens, another evacuated neighborhood near Leilani Estates. "I knew that when I moved here".

Kilauea is among the most active volcanoes in the world, according to the United States Geological Survey, and "may even top the list".