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And The Associated Press writes, "In an interview Sunday with ABC's This Week, Giuliani dismissed as rumor his own statements about Trump's payment to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, said he can't speak to whether the president lied to the American people when he denied knowledge of the silencing agreement and wouldn't rule out the president asserting his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the Russian Federation investigation". Days before the presidential elections, Daniels received United States dollars 130,000 from Trump's personal attorney Cohen so as not to go public with her alleged intimate encounter with Trump years ago.

Giuliani also said Trump's longtime fixer Michael Cohen, himself the subject of a months-long criminal investigation, could have made other such hush money payments. Former New York mayor Giuliani succeeded Michael Cohen as the new personal attorney for Trump.

"I know this sounds amusing to people there at home, I never thought $130,000 was a real payment", Giuliani said. Giuliani appeared to walk back several previous comments he'd made to Fox News' Sean Hannity last week, but maintained that Trump's firing of "inferior executive officer" Comey "was clearly within his Article II power" as president.

'The payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the president's family, ' Mr Giuliani said in a statement released on Friday. "I never thought $130,000 was a real payment, it's a nuisance payment".

She also said the Post had found that then-President Barack Obama told "some whoppers" during his time in office. Trump had earlier told reporters that he wasn't aware of Cohen paying hush money to Daniels.

Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) drew applause from the studio audience when she appeared midway through the show's opening skit before she taunted Alec Baldwin's Trump by saying the only way to end the controversy over their alleged affair was for him to resign. "It has not been discussed, and would not be discussed", Giuliani said. I asked the president what he meant and he said: "'I didn't know about it when the payment occurred'".

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Conway added that she did not know of the Daniels payment or any other payments when she worked on Trump's winning 2016 campaign.

"When he made certain statements, he just started yesterday", Trump said.

He said the money had been made to make the controversy "go away", suggesting that it was meant to aid Trump's election prospects.

"Yeah right. Being president is like doing porn - once you do it, it's hard to do anything else", he said. What matters, he said, is that the payment was not in violation of any campaign finance rules because it was made for personal reasons. Here is exactly what he said, "Ivanka Trump".

"The agreement with Michael Cohen, as far as I know, is a longstanding agreement, that Michael Cohen takes care of situations like this, then gets paid for them, sometimes", he said.

He said that it's clear to the American people, "what's going on and it's a cover up".