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During Macron's three-day visit to Washington in April, he urged Trump to uphold the 2015 deal between Iran, the US and other world leaders that had been brokered by Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama.

In a briefing to foreign reporters on Sunday local time, the Accoxiated Press quoted Mr Netanyahu as saying "a deal that enables Iran to keep and hide all its nuclear weapons know-how, is a disgusting deal".

They say Iran has no reason to agree to a tougher deal without concessions like those that led to the agreement, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, in the first place.

The 2015 deal - between Iran, the US, China, Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom - lifted sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear programme.

In a speech on Sunday in Sabzevar, Rouhani asserted that Tehran is ready for any United States withdrawal from the deal and that Iran rejects any new deal on the weapons and the Iranian missile program, affirming that there will be no negotiations about Iran's defense programs with any party.

A senior Israeli official said Sunday that Trump had not informed Israel of whether it will withdraw from the agreement.

The foreign secretary said he saw no advantage in losing the "handcuffs" the deal imposed on Iran's nuclear ambitions and only Tehran would benefit from exiting the deal. He heads to Moscow later this week for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, where talks will focus on the Iranian nuclear program and Iran's involvement in neighboring Syria.

The number of centrifuges installed at Iran's Natanz and Fordo sites was cut drastically soon after the deal while tonnes of low-enriched uranium were shipped to Russian Federation.

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Rouhani said in Sunday's speech that Iran's defense capabilities are not subject to negotiation.

Britain's Johnson will on Monday begin a two-day visit to Washington, with the nuclear deal among issues on top of the agenda, the Foreign Office said.

He added that the cache of more than 100,000 pages was now being shared with the intelligence services of the countries who negotiated the agreement with Iran: the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and Britain.

"And we have the former administration as represented by John Kerry, not the best negotiator we've ever seen", the president said, adding: "He never walked away from the table, except to be in that bicycle race where he fell and broke his leg".

"Had the leaders of the Islamic Republic made a decision to go for a nuclear arsenal, they would have needed only a few months to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for their first bomb".

The deal required Iran to disable most of the centrifuges it used to enrich uranium, to ship out most of its uranium stockpile, to ensure a heavy water reactor could not produce weapons-grade plutonium, and to submit to monitoring and verification by global inspectors.

Further, the U.S. President is demanding that the so-called "sunset clauses" in the deal be scrapped.

But he said he had given "the necessary orders", notably to Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation, in anticipation of Trump's decision.