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On Friday, may 4, at the border between the Gaza strip and Israel renewed clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army, according to the Chronicle.info with reference for a New Time.

Palestinians have been gathering since 30 March in encampments along the eastern border of the Gaza Strip in protests meant to highlight their legitimate right of return to their land from which they were driven out by Zionist militias and terrorist gangs in 1948.

Black smoke billowed over a protest camp east of Gaza City where Palestinians were burning tyres and flying kites, at least one carrying a Molotov cocktail intended on setting fire to nearby Israeli fields. However, in response to the challenge to its open-fire policy, Israeli officials have insisted that their response comply fully with their army's rules of engagement and global law arguing human rights law is not applicable in a "state of war".

Facing global censure over its use of live fire in the protests, the Israeli army says it is protecting its border and takes such action only when protesters, some hurling firebombs and trying to plant explosives, approach too closely.

Veteran US politician and former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders delivered a blistering critique of the Israeli leadership and its response to the recent Gaza protests, lambasting "the reactionary policies of Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu" and "the inhumane blockade of Gaza".

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The European Union and the United Nations have also criticized the use of lethal force against the protesters. It accuses Hamas, sworn to Israel's destruction, of trying to carry out attacks under the guise of the mass protests. The young man goes on to encourage the others to damage the fence and cross through it.

As the days pass and the protests heighten, the climax of the March of Great Return is expected to happen on the 15th of May, where the grounds will be divided once and for all. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were driven from homes in what is now Israel.

The weekly marches also press for a "right of return" of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to what is now Israel.

At least 431 Palestinians were injured Friday, Palestinian officials said, as some 7,000 took part in the demonstrations, flew dozens of kites with petrol bombs into Israel, hurled stones at soldiers, and tried to breach the border fence.