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"Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is now on active duty, assigned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President", Shah told the Post. The Secret Service said it has found no evidence of an alleged auto accident involving drunken driving, one of the claims released by Tester.

Following Adm. Jackson's announcement, Senator Jon Tester posted a message on Facebook reaffirming his commitment to "make sure the veterans of this nation get a strong, thoroughly vetted leader who will fight for them". Despite the fact that Jackson is responsible for the president, he apparently intervened in the situation with Mrs. Pence, leading to "an inadvertent disclosure of SLOTUS's medical information in a situation where ultimate discretion was of utmost importance".

Trump said he'd called Jackson earlier Friday and told him that he was "an American hero" because he'd "exposed the system for some terrible things". Trump and Jackson have furiously denied the allegations, calling them an attempt to smear the reputation of a Navy rear admiral and respected White House physician.

Trump has complained bitterly about how Jackson was treated, and defended him as a good man who did not deserve such treatment.

Democrats on the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs claim the bombshell allegations were backed by 23 individuals, but the committee has not released the names of those individuals, Carter notes.

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Tester told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the committee heard from almost two dozen witnesses who, among other things, claimed Jackson was nicknamed "the candy man" for his habit of handing out prescription drugs to staffers who needed to sleep or stay awake that he drank, at times excessively, on some official overseas trips and that he fostered a hostile work environment.

Jon Tester Tries To Move Past Ronny Jackson Controversy The ad doesn't reference the Jackson controversy, but Tester's political consultants must know portraying the Senator as a longtime veterans advocate could help inoculate him from charges of politicizing the Jackson nomination. The reviews did recommend improvements to the medical unit's handling of controlled substances but did not find misconduct. And the Secret Service, totally just coming in. We're getting Choice, which is a big deal. She is grateful for the professional care she received from all White House medical personnel who resolved the matter quickly.

In a statement this month, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley emphasized that Trump had nothing to do with Choice not being approved. "The Trump administration looks forward to continuing to work with Congress to reform and strengthen the VA Choice program".

Despite the account, White House has said the incident was simply a dispute between the two doctors resulting from a "strained relationship". Some conservatives such as Pete Hegseth, a "Fox & Friends" contributor, who has been previously considered for the VA secretary job, have suggested the plan may not go far enough to provide access to private doctors outside the government-run VA health system.