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News reported today that John Kelly called President Trump an "idiot" multiple times.

"He says stuff you can't believe".

Despite this, a report by#NBC News on April 30 revealed Kelly's feelings about the president.

Calling the president an "idiot" might have been the beginning of the end for former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly made the comment about Mr. Trump at a Pentagon meeting last summer.

He has also pushed back against the president on some foreign policy and military issues, current and former White House officials said.

Multiple sources have told CNN that Trump is increasingly frustrated with Kelly, and a senior administration official said Monday that the feeling goes both ways.

In his statement Mr Kelly said: "I spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship".

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Sources claim that Trump is aware of some of Kelly's comments - though it's unclear whether the President knows Kelly has called him an idiot, as the reports hold.

At that point Trump and Kelly had been butting heads for months over things like the administration's stance on immigration and Rob Porter's firing. When the story first broke, Kelly spoke highly of Porter in a statement.

White House spokespeople cited by NBC said they hadn't seen Kelly have a negative effect on the morale of women working in the White House.

While they noted tensions do not appear to be any more urgent now than they have been in the past, they did acknowledge this could eventually lead to Kelly's departure.

Officials said Kelly's public image as a retired four-star general instilling discipline on a chaotic White House and an impulsive president belies what they describe as the undisciplined and indiscreet approach he's employed as chief of staff. According to their accounts, Kelly also boasted about his influence, saying, "If it weren't for me, the president was going to agree to some hasty deal".

CNN additionally reported Monday that in what "gave the impression to be a second of frustration", Kelly mentioned he believed the president "was changing into unhinged". Kelly later said he mishandled his response to the allegations.

Perhaps, what the administration truly needs to save itself isn't Kelly, but someone who understands that Trump lacks any real policy knowledge and would steer him toward peace and progress.