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Hundreds of Central American migrants are gathering in Tijuana, Mexico and plan to cross the border into the us, despite strong warnings from President Donald Trump to keep them out.

The immigrants, who arrived at Tijuana on Wednesday evening, are now staying at two immigrant shelters, according to reports. The asylum seeker showed reporters images of his mother, brutally beaten and lying in a hospital bed.

The caravan has already made several stops in Mexico, where about half its members applied for asylum or otherwise remained in that country.

But others are criminals who have embedded themselves with the migrants as a way to enter the U.S. Since "Fox and Friends" reported on the caravan early this month, the president has repeatedly tweeted about it and called for the National Guard to help secure the Mexican border. Hundreds of immigrants, the remnants of a caravan of Central Americans that began nearly a month ago, set out on the last leg of their journey north in Mexico. At least one group opposed to the caravan has said it has undefined plans to protest this weekend in the San Diego area.

She also said that she was prepared for the possibility that protesters rallying against the arrival of asylum seekers could also show up at the border on Sunday.

"The wall doesn't look that tall", said Kimberly George, a 15-year-old girl from Honduras as she looked toward a stunted barrier a few feet away.

"I didn't come here to cross illegally".

Some 2,300 miles across the United States in Washington, D.C., Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray met with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to discuss Central American migration, the Mexican ministry said in a statement.

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Event organizers say they are marching in the name of migrants who "suffer repression and violence in their own country and for their human right to seek asylum in the country of their choice". Most Central American migrants seeking asylum in the US cite the threat of gang violence in their homelands.

U.S. lawyers are expected to hold clinics this week to explain what the immigrants should expect during their applications for asylum.

"The efforts of U.S. officials to tarnish asylum seekers as criminals are cynical fabrications that ring hollow".

A judge ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, which paved the way for two-year renewable work permits for undocumented migrants brought to the United States as children, must re-start after 90 days if the Trump administration can not offer an explanation as to why it is illegal.

Turning away someone seeking asylum without considering his claim violates national and worldwide law.

President Donald Trump reacted angrily to the news, accusing the Mexican government of facilitating illegal immigration and demanding that US lawmakers act to tighten asylum laws.

Rocketto said a "huge reason" for why volunteers from her campaign want to be at the USA border for when asylum seekers arrive is to "make sure the refugee caravan is protected".