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Escondido, a city in San Diego County, opted earlier in April to join the Department of Justice lawsuit against California sanctuary state policies limiting state and local cooperation with federal immigration enforcement officials.

"We're talking about people who are crossing the border illegally, coming into this county and committing a crime and them being let loose probably to commit another crime", said Dianne Jacob, supervisor for the district that covers East County.

As the 2nd largest county in California, San Diego - a place of 3 million residents that boundaries Mexico - is your volcano to rear the suit.

The city councils of three other Orange County municipalities on Tuesday voted to side with U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions' lawsuit challenging portions of the state law.

Supervisor Greg Cox was the lone member of the board to oppose the county's decision to challenge the "very divisive issue". "The Board's vote is a largely symbolic move that will create fear and divisiveness in our region, waste taxpayer funds, and create distrust of law enforcement and local government within many communities".

California's sanctuary laws reduce police cooperation with federal immigration authorities, a move meant to resist the Trump administration's renewed efforts to deport undocumented people living in the country and to stop Trump's plan to a build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. The fact of the matter is, when state and local law enforcement agencies outright refuse to share information to federal officials regarding criminal activity, our communities are unsafe and the rule of law is undermined. The California State Legislature also passed the Immigrant Worker Protection Act, which prohibits local businesses from access to employee records without a court order. Now I want to share with you something quite interesting - the number of people that have communicated with me in San Diego County, the people who do not support going forward with Gov. Critics said it would make it too hard for federal agents to find and deport ex-convicts who are a danger to communities.

"This is not about immigration", he said.

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Local governments in recent weeks have taken varying approaches to weighing in on the sanctuary state case, from resolutions to voting to file lawsuits themselves.

Aliso Viejo, Escondido and Mission Viejo are among the cities whose leaders have voted to file amicus briefs in support of the Trump administration's position. It also requires employers to notify employees about upcoming immigration inspections.

Inside of the supervisors chambers, however, speakers in opposition to the board supporting the lawsuit outnumbered those speaking in support by a 3-1 margin. We wanted to take a closer look.

Will more cities and counties join these efforts? The ordinance notes that the state's law "may be in direct conflict with federal laws and the Constitution of the United States".

Gaspar said that Tuesday's county Board of Supervisors meeting will include discussions about all the legal options the county has, including whether or not it should join the Trump administration's legal action against the sanctuary state.

Opponents of the bill, like city Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, say the law jeopardizes public safety, makes it hard for law enforcement to do their jobs and can increase danger for federal immigration agents.