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The new look isn't a radical departure from the gmail of old, but it does bring Gmail more in line with Google's current brand of Material Design - note the bubble "Compose" button.

With a new "Confidential Mode", Gmail will not only give users the ability to set an expiry date for the emails they send to people, but also put restrictions on messages to prevent them from being printed or forwarded.

Credit: The VergeThe tool, denoted with a lock icon in leaked images obtained by TechCrunch, will allow you to set a date for when the email will self-destruct.

The expiring emails feature works similarly to the expiring emails feature in ProtonMail as the email becomes unreadable after some time. This improved design includes the addition of features that are already available in the Gmail Inbox app, such as "snooze" (which lets you temporarily hold off certain emails until you're ready to read them) and "smart reply" (which prompts you to answer messages quickly), according to The Verge.

The new Gmail is also expected to feature offline storage, meaning users can save their emails to their computer or local storage device.

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Google Gmail is most popular email service of the world. In the past, Google has said user privacy is worth just $25 and that Gmail users don't have legitimate privacy concerns.

Google's signature email service is getting a much-needed makeover.

And you'll be able to put an extra layer of security on particularly sensitive emails - you can require the recipient to confirm their identity with a passcode (sent to their phone), or to log in a second time, before viewing the content. It is speculated that this new feature is closely going to follow the update in Gmail's interface. The redesign will hit nationwide in the coming weeks.

Major' Gmail update might convince you to use email again. The message behind the link disappears after some time, but this doesn't mean that the intermediate email also disappears. Unless protection is offered against the incredibly simple process of taking a screenshot of any supposedly confidential mail, the whole feature might well be useless, and will simply protect against inbox searches post the expiry of the email.