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The original announcement that Arizona troops would be deployed came after Texas announced on Friday it would send 250 National Guard troops to its border with Mexico.

The Arizona deployment comes after Defense Secretary James Mattisauthorized 4,000 National Guard troops on Friday to help with security on the USA border with Mexico.

There is no end date for the deployment, Abbott said: "We may be in this for the long haul". "The Guard will provide air support, reconnaissance support, operational support, construction of border infrastructure and logistical support".

Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are all led by Republican governors.

In Arizona, the state Nationwide Guard launched it was boosting the number of troops it's going to ship to the border to 338 from 225.

Greg Abbott (R) on Monday said he would increase the number of troops the state will send to the border from 250 to at least 1,000.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey told a group of soldiers preparing to deploy from a Phoenix military base that their "mission is about providing manpower and resources to support federal, state, county, tribal and local law enforcement agencies in stopping the flow of criminals, narcotics, weapons and ammunition that is being trafficked into our state".

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"I don't think it's timely and here I don't think it's necessary but it's just, you know the President trying to bully Congress to take care of a wall he wants and this is just another one of the projects he has", Estrada said.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican, has expressed support for National Guard troops supporting Border Patrol agents in her state, but not deployed them. Instead, the governor told The Associated Press it was no different than other states sending troops to SC to help after a hurricane. The troops will be armed only in "circumstances that might require self-defense", and will not "perform law enforcement activities or interact with migrants" without Mattis' approval, according to the department memo.

Guardsmen are expected to help with duties like surveillance to free more agents to find and arrest smugglers and people illegally crossing the border.

In California, Brown's spokesman, Evan Westrup, said Monday that state officials are still reviewing Trump's troop request.

"The people that are suffering the drug overdoses, often times these products are coming over the border and through our state", he said.

Border apprehensions still remain well below the numbers when former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama deployed the Guard to the border.