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The touchless gesture control is something that's been implemented in Samsung phones already but Apple's design seems to work on a different principle entirely. In an attempt to leave their competitors in the dust, Apple is working on new technology that will make iPhone's absolutely irresistible. The technology could be useful for augmented reality, which is where Apple has put in a lot of effort in the past couple of years. It's mentioned that the touchless gesture control feature may not arrive for another two years, and it's also possible the company will "not go forward" with either of these concepts. This is more or less the same time frame the tipsters provided for the other new technology that they said Apple is developing: a curved screen.

This is interesting. We actually know how this might look in reality thanks to LG's G Flex, which curved vertically instead of horizontally.

Phones that fold or bend may be more a case of nostalgia, traveling to the clamshell design of old-school, but they have the inheritance to break one from their Smartphone rut. The Beta Software Program allows anyone with a working Apple ID to try pre-release software for free.

Bloomberg's sources also reckon that Apple is working on a touchless control system for the iPhone.

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So far, all iPhone models have used a flat display; the iPhone X screen curves slightly at the bottom, but it this is barely noticeable to the human eye.

Apple is now experimenting with touchless control and curved OLED displays for iPhones. Both projects are said to still be in the early stages and are at least two years away from consumer use.

And an anonymous insider says that Apple hasn't even decided whether to use it or not yet.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will get its current suppliers to switch to multi-FPCBs or increase the supplies, or replace the suppliers altogether. The technology would have a sensing capability that would identify when the user's fingers were close to the screen.