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A number of household names have already published their data including the BBC (9.3 per cent), easyJet (45.5 per cent), Royal Bank of Scotland (36.5 per cent) and Marks and Spencer (3.3 per cent).

The Sun's parent company News UK revealed it had an overall pay gap of 15.2 per cent across all its subsidiaries last week.

Private companies in the United Kingdom have hours left to report their gender pay gaps as part of a new regulation aimed at showing women exactly how much more their male colleagues are getting paid.

While the salary data show some large gaps, bonuses paint a worse picture at most financial firms. That pay gap is smaller than most United Kingdom companies, and less than comparable tech companies.

Tracy Bullock, chief executive of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, told board meeting directors there will be "disparity" between pay for men and women employed by the trust due to the number of women in lower-paid nursing roles.

According to the data released so far, 78 per cent pay men more than their female counterparts, while 13 per cent reported to pay women more.

UEL senior lecturer Elaine Yerby welcomed pay reporting, but said more needs to be done to break down stereotypes around jobs: "The big question is about why work associated with women tends to be paid less". "This all comes at a time of momentum on women's issues and shines a light on something important to us", she said.

Groundscare equipment manufacturer Ransomes Jacobsen in Ipswich had a median gap of -7%, meaning women's average pay was higher than men's. This matches the mean national pay gap pay, and is only 1 per cent better than the median national pay gap.

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Companies' disclosures in the United Kingdom offer a view across the whole workforce rather than employee-to-employee comparisons, and in many cases, the pay differences reflect a lack of women in more senior - and thus better paid - roles.

"Firms have had plenty of warning and have no excuse for failing to submit their gender pay gap data accurately and on time".

'This demonstrates that a significant driver for the pay gap is a outcome of having a lower proportion of men in lower pay bands relative to their share of population'.

"We're proud that many women at HP UK hold positions of significant influence and impact".

Medical equipment manufacturer Bespak Europe had a median pay gap of 30.1%.

First Minister Carwyn Jones has asked the leader of the house to undertake "a rapid review" of gender and equality policies "to bring a new impetus to our work in this area". Having more men in higher-paid roles has affected its pay gap, resulting in the undesirable final figures.

"Helping to make the most of women's talent is in their own commercial interest, and it is in our national interest too", she said.