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American mainstream media and politicians from both parties went berserk (though insane is more appropriate word) after it was revealed that President Trump congratulated Russian president Vladimir Putin on his overwhelming election victory (which is actually a regular affair, done by every President before him) last weekend, where President Putin received more than 75 percent of the votes.

The phone call comments were echoed by the Russian government hours before Trump went public with his rendition of the conversation.

Mr. Trump began his day on Wednesday indirectly criticizing Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, for the Russian Federation investigation, continuing to attack him by name against the advice of his own lawyers.

For instance, when President Barack Obama congratulated Putin in 2012 for "winning" an election, there was no uproar, nor did the "deep state" leak over it - against the commander-in-chief - the way it is leaking against Trump today. It is not clear if Trump did not read the note as he's been known for having briefing materials read to him and for disregarding advice from his staff.

"We had a very good call and I suspect that we will probably be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race... to discuss Ukraine and Syria and North Korea and various other things", Trump said.

The revelation that President Donald Trump congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his, um, hard fought re-election has set off a firestorm of criticism - from a Twitter scolding by Sen.

"I think he's afraid of the president of Russia", Brennan said, on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, of the phone call on Tuesday between the two presidents.

"I don't believe it came up on this specific call but it is something that we have spoken extensively about and continue to look at ways and steps forward to make sure it never happens again", Sanders said of election meddling. There's nothing "special or pleasant" about Putin's winning, there's no "achievement" in winning a rigged election, and there's no "pride" or "satisfaction" to feel from a predetermined outcome (these are all the reasons the dictionary give for "congratulating" someone).

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While the report was not disputed by the White House, it was implied that whoever leaked them may be subjected to dismissal.

The Democratic National Committee sent out a statement that noted Trump also congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after voters approved his power-grab referendum. After criticisms from both Republicans and Democrats, the POTUS defended his action, saying getting along with Russian Federation and "others" is a good thing and not a bad thing.

According to the Kremlin, Trump and Putin discussed the need to restrict the arms race between the two nations.

The Kremlin also said on Tuesday that Trump congratulated Putin on his win during their call and the leaders spoke "in favor of developing practical cooperation in various areas, including in ensuring strategic stability and combating global terrorism".

Just minutes before Trump's tweets, the White House staff had suggested that he agreed with President Emmanuel Macron of France on the need to "hold Russian Federation accountable".

Trump, a political novice when he ran for and won the presidency in 2016, has also opined that the Constitution is archaic.

Britain's top diplomat, Boris Johnson, told Parliament on Wednesday that the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, would use the World Cup this summer as a propaganda tool much as Hitler used the 1936 Olympic Games to glorify Nazi Germany.

Russia's interference - including spreading fake news about Hillary Clinton and hacking the Democratic Party's emails - in the 2016 US presidential election did not help improve the already deteriorating relations between the two nations. Russian Federation has denied responsibility.