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"You took him away from us, Mona".

A few hours before the incident, Perez also tweeted that they were about to do their most unsafe stunt ever, adding that it was Ruiz's idea.

Monalisa Perez, 20, will serve 180 days in prison for killing boyfriend Pedro Ruiz in a YouTube stunt gone wrong.

Norman County Attorney James Brue said that "this foolish stunt was dreamed up, planned, and executed by Pedro Ruiz, and the defendant wrongfully and tragically relied on his assurances that the stunt was safe".

Perez was banned for life from owning firearms and ordered that she could make no financial gain from the case.

Hours before the shooting, Perez spelled out her concern on Twitter.

Monalisa Perez was sentenced to 180 days in jail on Wednesday.

The footage was never uploaded to Perez's YouTube channel, which has 25,700 subscribers and featured the couple's life and various pranks and stunts. The video of the shooting was never uploaded and was submitted as evidence to law enforcement.

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Brue did not return BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

Pedro Ruiz's death seemed to have hit his cousin Marisela Ruiz especially hard.

Monalisa Perez and Ricardo Ruiz III were hoping to create a viral video - by stopping a bullet with a book. And she asked how Perez could have started dating again so soon after he died.

"Because we want more viewers".

Marisela told reporters later that she usually celebrated her birthday with Pedro Ruiz and her recent 13th birthday without him was sad. The judge said he would say next week whether it would be made publicly available. Her lawyer said the ordeal remains too emotional for her. According to a local paper, the Star Tribune, Perez was pregnant when she shot Ruiz with a Desert Eagle handgun.

In what might seem a weird approach to a United Kingdom audience, the judge told Perez she could serve her time in 10-day increments over the next three years. After that, she can serve the rest through electronic home monitoring.

Not only was the incident filmed, but it was also witnessed by their three-year-old daughter. A trial may have resulted in ten years in prison with a $20,000 fine. The state is in the midst of a pilot project that is allowing media cameras at sentencings with a judge's consent.

"She hasn't apologized to any of our family", said Claudia.