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France's foreign minister traveled to Tehran on Monday promising tough talk on Iran's ballistic missile program but was met with stiff resistance from his Iranian counterpart, who said Western arms deals had turned the Middle East into a "gunpowder depot".

The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly found Iran is abiding by its commitments, which curbs its nuclear programme in exchange for a lifting of international sanctions.

Besides, Europe should not allow the United States to pose "illogical and illegal" demands concerning Iran's nuclear deal, Zarif said.

He urged the European countries not to bend under the U.S.

IAEA director general Yukiya Amano said on Monday that losing the nuclear deal "would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism".

'The condition for negotiating Iran's missiles is the destruction of the nuclear weapons and long-range missiles of the United States and Europe, ' Iranian Armed Forces spokesman Masoud Jazayeri was quoted by the state news agency IRNA as saying.

The French minister had arrived in Iran on Sunday on a delicate mission to reaffirm Europe's support for a nuclear deal that opened Iran's economy, while echoing United States concern about Tehran's missile program and role in regional conflicts.

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The Iranian official called for the acceleration of implementation of the Iranian nuclear deal, internationally known as JCPOA, signed in 2015 between Iran and the P5+1 (Russia, China, the U.S., Britain, France and Germany).

The Iranian foreign minister also criticized some European countries for "being influenced under USA pressures" over Iran's nuclear deal and missile program.

"Iran will boost its defensive power including the missile capabilities, and its deterrent plan will not be affected by the political pressures, " the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said.

While French leaders, including President Emmanuel Macron, have criticized Iran's missile program, French companies like oil giant Total SA, carmaker Renault and airplane manufacturer Airbus have bullishly entered the Iranian market after the atomic accord, complicating any possible sanctions.

Iran's ballistic missile capacity and position "worries us enormously", Le Drian said last week at a news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Kamalvandi, reiterating Tehran's official stance, said the nuclear deal is not re-negotiable. Fars news agency said a group of hardliners gathered at Tehran's International Mehrabad Airport and in front of Iran's Foreign Ministry to protest at Le Drian's visit.