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However, judging by this short teaser, I worry that Charlie Brooker is, in fact, attempting to unify the episodes of Black Mirror under one universe. Technoia - does that describe the mood of the drama?

The popular anthology series shown on Netflix is returning for a fifth season meaning we can anticipate episodes that will generally freak us out or make us question our very existence.

Here's to hoping the trend doesn't continue as Netflix announced Monday morning that Black Mirror will return for a fifth season. The "Be Right Back" tagline at the end is a nod to the Season 2 episode, and the clip itself is reminiscent of Season 4's "Black Museum". Watch the video announcement, below. "San Junipero", starring Gugu-Mbatha Raw and Mackenzie Davis, nabbed Brooker and his series two Emmys. But it's hard to imagine diehard Black Mirror fans will be too upset at the realization they'll have to wait for more episodes. "It puts us just on the cusp of a nervous breakdown - so it's working!"

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There's no word on when we can expect this new chapter of Charlie's dystopian view of the future, but seasons three and four were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, so we could be seeing the next one this year.

"You don't want to hit the same bell again, even though it's tempting". Jodie Foster also became the series' first female director with "Arkangel".

In nearly every scenario, the word brighter is a positive thing - but in Brooker's universe, we can only assume that season five will bring situations even more fucked up that what we saw in the last instalment. Continuing from the Emmy Award-winning third season, fans were able to enjoy Season 4 when it premiered on the streaming service late previous year. "It's the stuff of dreams".