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Business Insider reports, the decision "came from the top - and that it had nothing to do with the quality of Nest products, which had great reviews on Amazon".

Amazon's retail team first told Nest that the newest devices will not be sold on the site late previous year.

In response, Nest opted to cease selling its older wares through Amazon, which should disappear once stock runs out (as of this writing, several Nest products are still listed, though several of them have warnings of low stock).

The spat between Amazon and Google is escalating, with the latter preparing to stop sales of a slew of its gadgets on the online shopping site.

Beyond Nest products, Amazon also does not sell Google Home speakers or the company's Pixel smartphones, but does sell smart home products from other companies, per Business Insider. In 2015 it stopped selling the Chromecast and Apple TV because they didn't have support for Amazon's streaming video platform, Prime Video.

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It's not clear yet whether third party sellers will still be allowed to sell Nest devices on Amazon. And since the two giants aren't on good terms lately, it seems that they are "collateral damage" in this endless cycle of push and pull between the two companies.

Amazon reportedly told Google Nest near the end of past year that it would no longer be listing any of Nest's newer products. No news right now if Amazon will also restrict Nest products from the Marketplace.

People using Amazon's smart-assistant Alexa on Friday, either through an app or one of Amazon's many Echo devices, are finding that the typically attentive assistant isn't working as it normally does.

Smart home appliances are a burgeoning industry in the U.S. Amazon and its competitors have invested heavily in developing new products and streamlining existing offerings. The company reportedly spent over $1 billion for Ring in a trail fastening track its task of turning Alexa the ruling digital assistant in the homes of consumers.

Both Google and Amazon have fired back against each other in the past.