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President Xi Jinping is poised to make a historic power grab as China's legislators gather from Monday to approve changes that will let him rule indefinitely and undo decades of efforts to prevent a return to crushing dictatorship.

The British pretend that Chinese President Xi Jinping's proposal to end term limits for the Chinese President is the reason for their current outburst of rage against China-but not everything they say is always true. Xi is a canny reader of power: only the European Union and the U.S. have the hard and soft power to challenge China's ambitions and act as an exemplar of why justice matters. The thought, which was set at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) last October, has become the guideline for China's new development.

Any attempt to challenge Xi or his thinking would be seen as defiance against the party.

The Chinese Communist Party's annual legislative session will count more than 150 "super rich" members whose total net worth has soared to $650 billion, or double Ireland's annual GDP, a report showed Friday.

"Deng Xiaoping's abolishment of lifetime tenure for the leadership and more institutionalized transitions in power are very much in question", Li said. In a series of proposed constitutional amendments, Chinese lawmakers are expected to approve these changes. Within China the moves are portrayed as a sign of strength.

Still, a number of prominent Chinese figures have publicly protested the move, despite the risk of official retaliation. It has been great for China and bad for the United States, and great for other countries. Wang Ying, a businesswoman who has advocated government reforms, called the proposal "an outright betrayal". The op-ed linked Xi's childhood struggle under Maoism for his push to consolidate political power.

The rules for who heads the party, the military and the state - all positions Xi now holds - are the same, the newspaper said.

On February 9, 1796, Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty and the leader of China at its pre-modern peak of power, size, and prestige, abdicated in the 61st year of his reign in favor of his 35-year-old son. This paves the way for Xi Jinping to stay on as President after 2023.

Xi, no doubt, justifies his actions to himself by believing that he is the indispensable man for China's modernization, but the cemeteries are full of indispensable men.

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Xi has also overseen an expansive anti-corruption crackdown that some perceive as at least in part a purge of his rivals.

The Chinese people WILL become FREE!

Xi's power grab will be seriously tested by how he tackles grave challenges at home and overseas.

President Donald Trump is warning the USA will use "all available tools" to prevent China's state-driven economic model from undermining global competition, the latest warning to Beijing as America readies a host of trade actions. In fact, there is a lot more propagandist and self-congratulatory content in the speeches of, say, Donald Trump and Narendra Modi because they have to constantly rail against their political opponents and present themselves as paragons of virtue. Only by setting term limits can we avoid the pitfalls of such abuse and ensure a peaceful transfer of power. Liu is the author of a study which compared the crisis of the 1930s Great Depression with that of 2008-09 crash through the present, and concluded among other things that the finance-friendly policy of the past decade, prevented the sort of recovery which the US had experienced under Franklin Roosevelt. Xi's grab for absolute power-the only way to interpret his quest to abolish a term limit for a relatively insignificant post-captured the attention of the world.

Xi's father was expelled from the party and publicly humiliated.

If my analysis is correct, then Xi surely has good intentions for trying to remove the term limit. Some laws go through three or even four readings, but not in this case, observers pointed out. This is a fair indication of the public view. "That's truly a remarkable contrast".

China is not a democracy.

This shows "the one-party system can not be fully institutionalized". Others said they were taking a wait and see approach, and that they were willing to see how Xi used his extra time in office to promote more hard reforms.

"He's kind of a "Godfather" and he will remain the Godfather until the next one comes along".