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YouTube's last update today allows creators to add a location tag to mobile live streams and video uploads. Basically, YouTube has applied its live automatic speed recognition (LASR) technology, which is in the process of approaching industry standards with respect to error rates and latency. The site's Super Chats feature, which lets viewers buy promotional placement for their chat messages, is also getting an upgrade with IFTTT integration, which lets streamers connect these messages to other apps and services.

Streaming live content via YouTube Live has been an indispensable tool for content creators to deliver music, sports, gaming and more from anywhere in the world.

Automatic captions is the most impressive of the three in theory, but since it relies on machine learning it'll be a while before it's perfected. The service is now added English automatic captions to live streams. The list includes automatic captions, chat replays and live broadcasts.

The most interesting new feature is chat replay: When a user re-watches a live stream that has concluded, they can also re-experience the live chat that happened alongside it.

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Viewers can explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it. The feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. They can also filter video search results to show only videos created in a certain location.

First off, Google's finally launching something that it announced nearly a year ago at Google I/O 2017 - IFTTT integration with Super Chat. The thought here is to better computerize the element that enables a Super Chat to trigger a genuine occasion, similar to lights, a pet feeder, or a confetti gun.

So far, Super Chat has only been available on Android devices and the desktop, but from today support is being added for iOS devices.