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It is approved for ages 2 through 49.

Earlier this month, the Maryland Department of Health issued a press release stating that, for the first time ever in the state of Maryland, a child has died from influenza.

To find out where you can get a vaccine, check out this CDC locator.

The latest recommendation follows results from a US study in young children that showed vaccines containing a 2017-2018 strain of H1N1 flu virus performed better than the 2015-2016 strain that had shown decreased effectiveness, AstraZeneca said.

Local health officials said it is not too late to get a flu shot, which covers H3N2, pandemic H1N1-like and influenza B strains. But in 2016, the committee rescinded its recommendation of FluMist after federal study results showed it provided no protection from the 2009 swine flu strain that made most people sick the previous year. "We are pleased that the ACIP has voted in support of a renewed recommendation FluMist Quadrivalent in the U.S. and look forward to continuing to work with public health authorities to optimize protection against influenza".

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Professor Dr. Henry Bernstein from the Cohen Children's Medical Center, New York stated that, "I have real mixed emotions about this because I think we want to protect as many people as we can, particularly, as a pediatrician, for children". The flu season is upon us once again, and it has been especially severe this winter.

That makes it better than nothing, panel members said.

"With pediatric age groups when you get influenza their immune system will be weakened by the influenza virus and that will make them vulnerable to bacterial infections", said Dr. Shokr. Some said adding FluMist back to the line-up of vaccines might make it hard to explain the changes to patients and their families. At the CDC, contracts have already been completed for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, which provides free vaccines to children whose families don't have health insurance or can't afford the vaccine. "It's always a challenge to make a decision with incomplete data", said one panel member, Dr. Edward Belongia of the Wisconsin-based Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation.

That recommendation holds, the CDC says, because the vaccine is more effective against the three other major strains of flu virus, potentially preventing a second round of flu caused by another strain.