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"There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 USA midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations", said Dan Coats, director of national intelligence.

"Throughout the entire community, we have not seen any evidence of any significant change", Coats told lawmakers. "Iran will try to penetrate US and allied networks for espionage and lay the groundwork for future cyberattacks", he added.

Russian Federation was at the center of the committee's annual hearing on worldwide threats where the heads of the nation's top spy agencies were represented, a group which also included Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo.

Director Pompeo added that intelligence officials have yet to sees a "significant decrease" in Russian activity as it pertains their influence in USA elections and social and political issues.

"The Republic at Risk", a joint project from Stand Up Ideas and Protect Democracy, warned that "guarantee ing the integrity of our elections, and ensuring that the American people have confidence in our electoral system, are paramount to repairing our political system". Coats testified that Vladimir Putin is very likely to use authoritarian practices to expand Russia's global influence, and that includes more cyber activities to undermine and stir up chaos in the United States.

"His assessment was echoed by all five other intelligence agency heads present at the hearing, including CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who two weeks ago stated publicly he had "every expectation" that Russian Federation will try to influence the coming elections". "If someone is attacking you and there's no retribution or response, it is going to incentivize more contacts", he said. "I would urge all of us to recognize the need to address this challenge and take action as soon as possible before a fiscal crisis occurs that truly undermines our ability to ensure our national security". Putin's goals, the report said, were to "undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency" - and to boost Donald Trump's election chances. The negotiations were conducted through an American businessman who lives in Europe and served as a cutout for USA intelligence.

"Reporting on this matter has been atrocious, it's been ridiculous, totally inaccurate", Pompeo told Collins. The cyberweapons were never delivered.

He explained that the U.S.is now entering a period in which technology is essential and technological superiority should be a priority for the defense of the country.

Tuesday's hearing covered considerable ground.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo added that Kim still looks to threaten the US and that there has been no change in the regime's outlook despite the diplomatic outreach.

"This is going to go on", Risch said.

Intelligence Chief: Yes, Russia Is Going After the Midterms
Intelligence Chief: Yes, Russia Is Going After the Midterms

"This is an existential threat, potentially to the United States, but also to North Korea", he added.

--What is not bs is the attack on free and democratic elections which voter id laws and Interstate Crosscheck amount to.

In October 2016, US intelligence officials announced for the first time publicly that the Russian government was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee earlier in the year.

A number of senators expressed concerns that China was seeking to use private companies with ties to its government to obtain sensitive USA technology. China will also pursue efforts aimed at fulfilling its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative to expand its economic reach and political influence across Eurasia, Africa, and the Pacific through infrastructure projects, Coats said.

Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said that IT and communications firm contractors supporting private and government networks have been a major target of cyber attacks.

"Several agencies throughout the federal government have equities in this", he said.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed the idea that Moscow helped him - and all allegations of collusion - as "fake news".

Two Republicans on the committee, Sens. They said there were concerns the Chinese companies would use their access to spy on USA officials, and US intelligence chiefs appeared to agree on Tuesday.

Senators asked the intelligence chiefs during the hearing whether there was a plan in place to combat more hacking.

"We had then, and we continue to have now "grave concerns" about the accuracy of the memo because of omissions", Wray explained.

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