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Citing his "recent pattern of behavior", the Google-owned platform announced this morning that it had "temporarily suspended" ads on Paul's channels - stopping an income stream estimated to be worth more than a million dollars a month.

In a video posted on February 4, Paul brags about having accumulated a vast subscriber count after having taken a short sabbatical from YouTube following the outcry over his video depicting the Japanese "suicide forest". YouTube says that they suspended the advertising because Logan Paul's behavior could be "damaging to the broader creator community".

YouTube star Logan Paul apologised for his "suicide forest" video, but after posting new disturbing content he's had his ads blocked by YouTube. And, at the time, YouTube simply removed Paul's channel from its Google Preferred program, which highlights the top channels on YouTube that are safe for advertisers, and said it was looking into ways of preventing videos like that from surfacing on the site.

Paul then returned with a new video where he talked about turning over a new leaf, becoming a much better and mature human being, and he even raised awareness for suicide and mental health.

An email sent to Paul's merchandise company for comment was not immediately answered Friday. YouTube also has age-restricted access to Logan Paul's videos.

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YouTube recently tightened their rules surrounding advertiser friendly content on the video hosting site, leading to a large number of alternative channels being de monetised completely.

Paul eventually issued an apology on Twitter and later issued a video apology for the incident. It's an apparent reference to the so-called "Tide Pod challenge", an online trend involving videos of mostly young people biting or ingesting the colorful toxic laundry detergent pods. More to the point, however, is that YouTube is acknowledging Paul's antics might have negative effects well outside his channel.

It's not just that Paul is attempting to monetize these unsavory posts, but that his actions are drawing scrutiny of YouTube's entire creator community. "You either love me, or you hate me", he said.

It's clear that Paul is far from a good role model, and many viewers think so, so it's unclear why YouTube chose to keep him on after demonetizing his videos.

It's comes as many people are complain about the kind of videos that are appearing on YouTube and they way the company uses computers rather than humans to decide what videos people get to see.