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A new film surrounding the origin of famous comic book villain, the Joker, is in the early stages of production with the working title: "The Joker: The Clown of Crime".

The Joker origin story standalone movie is moving ahead at DC and Warner Bros. with Joaquin Phoenix as the top choice for the lead role... Also, Wiseau has a distinctive laugh that would certainly differentiate himself from previous actors such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and most recently, Jared Leto.

Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese is said to be attached as producer to the movie, which will lend inspiration from his films "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull", both of which are dark masterpieces, Comicbook.com reported.

Sources say Phoenix has agreed to the role but has not yet entered negotiations with studio Warner Bros., who were reportedly eyeing Academy Award victor Leonardo DiCaprio in September. This shouldn't be too surprising given the Joker's stature as one of the best villains of fiction (as well as a box office draw considering what he and Harley Quinn did for the otherwise toxically received Suicide Squad). Currently, the team is awaiting Warner Bros.' official confirmation before commencing studio negotiation. The project has been described as "gritty" quite often, and is expected to be different than the average comic book movie.

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Wiseau made the declaration on social media, retweeting a post from Variety that announced Phoenix's potential to portray the Joker.

Phoenix is reportedly director Todd Phillips' "top choice" for the Joker following a late 2017 meeting, according to Variety.

The film would be the first in a new strain of DC Comic films, giving the studio a chance to expand their repertoire and create unique narratives and character pieces that are not a part of their current cinematic universe.

Phoenix now stars in the 2018 flick "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot".