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This escalation of the pipeline dispute is "entirely in the hands of Premier Notley, not me..."

Premier Rachel Notley made the announcement on Tuesday, as the tensions over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline continue to escalate.

Andy Johnston, who owns Averill Creek Vineyard in Duncan, said most Island wineries are too small to be hard hit by the boycott. "I have to say that the actions of the Premier of British Columbia are consistent with trade agreements that we have signed province to province as well as nationally". "We're going to continue to engage with the premiers on a regular basis", said Trudeau earlier on Wednesday.

Notley called B.C.'s actions "unconstitutional" and moved ahead with a number of penalties; first, the suspension of talks regarding the sale of B.C. electricity and then an end to importing B.C. wine.

Vineyard owners on Vancouver Island, meanwhile, reacted with disgust and dismay at Alberta's boycott. The province also accounts for 11 per cent of the BC VQA market.

"It's not a huge part of our wine selection", Hitchen said. "The other thing this is going to be is that it's going to begin to cannibalize the B.C. market because the closer you the better the profitability".

"That was the case because it would have broadened the value of that resource (oil), which in turn would have put more revenue into the federal government, which in turn would have allowed them to invest in this country".

Alberta's Chamber of Commerce chair, Janet Riopel, also spoke against the trade war between the provinces, noting that any sort of ban would have a negative effect on the business climate in Alberta, and it is already a tough one to operate in, especially for the oil industry. "We are disappointed that this political decision is threatening our progress and threatening the successes that have benefited small businesses in both the Alberta and BC economies".

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In banning the import of B.C. wines, the Notley government has landed a symbolic haymaker that carries just enough economic impact to make the point and to be taken seriously.

Nanaimo's Matt and Natalie Riga operate Chateau Wolff Estate, a five acre family-run winery and vineyard set against the backdrop of Mount Benson.

Christle Pope of Unsworth Vineyards in Mill Bay said the ban comes at a bad time because the industry was pushing to open up inter-provincial sales. I deliberately wasn't available to [the media Tuesday] because I don't believe it's in anyone's interest to have duelling premiers.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is a little different from the rest of the provinces, Hynes-Dawson said in a brief interview Wednesday.

"I'm not responding in any way other than saying I'll defend our wine industry".

Independent producers will bear the brunt of the prohibition, said Miles Prodan, president of the B.C. Wine Institute. "I do think there is definitely a role for the federal government to play in resolving this dispute and dealing directly with British Columbia", Anderson said.

Still, Johnson said he feels the optics of the dispute between neighbouring provinces isn't positive. "We're going to focus on the issues that matters to British Columbians and hope that cooler heads on the other side of the Rockies prevail".

"We are actively preparing measures to get Ottawa to step up and B.C.to back down", she said.