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That's what's also contained in the Federal Bureau of Investigation statement it released late Wednesday that said investigators have found no evidence of an attack causing the severe head and body injuries suffered by Martinez and a second agent.

Rogelio Martinez died from injuries sustained in November past year while responding to reports of a late-night incident near Interstate 10 in remote west Texas, about 30 miles from the border with Mexico. "Additionally, the El Paso County Medical Examiner has now released the autopsy report indicating blunt injuries of the head as the cause of death".

The National Border Patrol Council, which endorsed Trump's presidential bid, took it one step further, asserting - seemingly without any evidence - that Martinez had been stoned to death by undocumented immigrants.

"The second Border Patrol agent also made a statement to the effect of, 'We ran into a culvert, ' 'I ran into a culvert", or 'I think I ran into a culvert, ' " the dispatcher said.

The mystery surrounding the death of US Border Patrol agent Rogelio "Roger" Martinez is nowhere close to being solved.

In the wake of the mysterious incident, local cops suspected that Martinez and his partner might have been clipped by a tractor trailer as they stood just a few feet from the busy Interstate 10. Martinez's unnamed partner was also found with serious injuries but survived and remains hospitalized. Garland was disoriented and unsure of his location but knew he and Martinez were badly hurt and needed help.

But Ms. Ochoa said that in the days before he died, Mr. Martinez had been complaining of headaches and neck tension.

Garland, less seriously injured, was taken to the hospital by Border Patrol agents.

The FBI had identified two persons of interest, but through forensic analysis both have been determined not to have had anything to do with the death of Agent Martinez and the injuries to his partner. "The FBI is still keeping jurisdiction, and last time I checked, the FBI doesn't investigate traffic accidents".

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"The FBI will continue to investigate the incident involving Agent Martinez and his partner, and will pursue any new and relevant tips and leads", according to the agency's statement.

Arizona Rep. Martha McSally, now running for Arizona's open Senate seat called it a "murder" and said it should serve as a "wake up call to our country that we must have the resolve to secure our border and protect Americans from deadly threats like these".

Cops and politicians blasted Trump's premature assumption, and on Wednesday evening, the FBI released the result of a months-long investigation: there's no evidence to suggest that Martinez's death was the result of a "scuffle, altercation or attack". But this week the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had found no evidence of an attack; it offered no further explanation for Martinez's death.

But no one could tell her what had happened. "I honestly believe they will", he said. Abbott called it an "attack" via Twitter and offered a $20,000 reward for anyone who came forward with information about the agent's death.

"I find it hard (to believe) that a fall could have caused all the damage that he had", she said.

He pointed to the lack of injuries on the lower part of Martinez's body.

Cabrera questioned why the agents would have defensive wounds if they were ambushed.

The FBI and the state of Texas have offered a $70,000 reward for information in this case.