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Other Democrats are bringing DREAMers as guests, some are bringing sexual assault victims, Joe Kennedy is bringing a transgender soldier - even Bill Nye, a stupid person's idea of a science expert, will be there (as the guest of a Republican!).

He said his Republican colleagues need to stand up for those on the other side of the aisle against such attacks.

As for the Democrats, he's right that it was bad form but we've gotta remember: Everything about the State of the Union involves performance and grandstanding, especially for congressional backbenchers who are in the room watching and hoping to make the most of a quick appearance on camera by pandering to the big viewing audience at home.

It's easy to understand that it's tough to be the minority party at a State of the Union speech.

"He was probably severely reprimanded, don't you think?" I've always been great with money, I've always been great with jobs, that's what I do.

Lowest black unemployment rate in recorded history?

Trump has frequently showcased the strong market as a barometer of his economic success and as a boon for everyday Americans and their retirement accounts.

But that was because they couldn't wait to start picking it apart for being too gloomy, too mean to illegal immigrants or for mentioning "America" too many times. To be sure there are those among them cheering glum demeanors and dark words.

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President Donald Trump has a habit of giving powerful speeches only to follow them up by saying something stupid (usually on Twitter) that gives fodder to the Leftmedia and derails his momentum.

The president did not limit himself to stories of hope, but also shared the stories of parents who had lost children to gang members. And each and every time, he leaves them humiliated, flat on their backs.

Their disconnect with what they saw from their purported leaders in Congress is an emerging story.

"Nancy Pelosi, what she's doing to this country". Pelosi represents San Francisco in Congress.

On July 28, 2017, Trump urged an audience of police offers in NY to dispense with the lawful requirements of their profession and get "rough" with suspects. Quite the opposite. What's that thing people say at a comedy show, when the performer is nailing her lines and you're doubled over, slapping a knee? Massachusetts Rep. Joseph Kennedy III gave the official response, and a young Virginia legislator the Spanish version. "And she's gone so far left and Schumer has gone so far left", he said.

From dressing up in vagina costumes to shutting down the government because they care more about illegal aliens than military patriots, Democrats have gone full blown cray-cray. He was morally condescending, calling people bigots and racists, people of faith, calling them out for their religious beliefs. They're hopeful and trying hard to create a future for their kids that's better than the life they've enjoyed.

They want to be part of "A New American Moment".