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Profits for the three months ending in December soared 260 percent, to just over $1 billion, beating analyst expectations, Nintendo said on Wednesday. Dubbed Toy-Cons, the build-it-yourself are expected to make the console appeal to the mainstream market by added new ways to interact with its games other than the Joy-Cons. Despite their differences in success, however, the systems are still fairly similar overall, meaning it shouldn't technically be hard to release old Wii U games for the Nintendo Switch.

"Odyssey" in particular topped the charts, with 9.07 million units sold, while "Zelda" reached 6.7 million copies. That's up from its initial projection to sell 10 million Switch machines, which was raised past year to 14 million. But getting charged for a service that's now free might go down easier if Switch owners got a big new Nintendo game to play online. However, there are now 71.99 million 3DS (including 2DS and other variants) users worldwide and it appears as though a lot of them are still playing and purchasing games.

Nintendo plans to finally start its subscription-based online services in September 2018, and details will be announced later this year.

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When Nintendo announced the Switch in 2016, the firm claimed to have "reinvented gaming" with a console that also doubled as a tablet. Previously, we've seen how its sales numbers compare with the PS4's, but let's now look at how it stacks up with Nintendo's last two consoles.

As reported earlier this week, in nine months the Switch has sold more than the Wii U did in more than four years, which is obviously good news for Nintendo but the question now is what do they do next? Up until now, Switch owners were able to already enjoy online multiplayer games without having to pay any additional royalties other than just buying the game.

Nintendo's star game designer Shigeru Miyamoto told reporters Thursday the script is mostly finished.