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The man supposedly drove around the town of Macerata, central Italy, and targeted black people. A 29-year-old Nigerian man was detained as a suspect, prompting parties like the Northern League to decry the crime and push their nationalist agenda.

Italy's interior minister says the suspected gunman in the drive-by shootings of six African immigrants was immersed in "racial hatred" and had an extreme-right background with both neo-Nazi and neo-Fascist ties. "There is an armed man in a auto who is shooting in the city", Mayor Romano Carancini said in a statement. A local man, he reportedly ran a year ago as a candidate in municipal elections for the anti-immigrant Northern League, which has since changed its name to the League to broaden its appeal. As was grave what happened to Pamela.

The suspect in Saturday's shootings - identified by Carancini as Luca Traini, 28 - was apprehended by police while making a fascist salute in front of a monument to war victims.

Sky said the shooting started around 11amlocal time (9pm Saturday AEST) and that students were being kept inside schools which are open on Saturday, and public transport had been halted. "The closeness of the two events makes you imagine there could be a connection", Carancini said. The news agency ANSA said witnesses reported that the vehicle was seen in the area where the woman's body was found.

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"Someone who shoots is a delinquent, irrespective of the colour of his skin", said Northern league chief Matteo Salvini, in full campaign mode ahead of legislative elections on March 4.

Opinion polls suggest a centre-right bloc, including the Northern League, Forza Italia and the far-right Brothers of Italy, will win the most seats but not a working majority.

Salvini told reporters at a campaign stop in Bologna on Saturday that he would bring security to Italy if elected.

Senate president Pietro Grasso, who is fielding a small liberal party called Free and Equal, chastised Salvini for using a tragedy for electoral gain.