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After the attack and before he and his friend left the restaurant, he yelled at Weinstein, calling him a "piece of s*** for what you did to these women". The man confronted Weinstein and slapped him twice.

Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was reportedly slapped in the face at an Arizona restaurant Tuesday night.

Weinstein had refused to take a photo with the diner earlier in the evening while eating at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort with his sober coach, TMZ reports.

The man said he "loved Weinstein's movies" and asked for a photo, but the film producer said "no" - probably sensing that it was a fake gesture, considering the nature of the crimes levied against the disgraced film producer.

Weinstein has since been accused of various sexual crimes by a plethora of women.

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The man, named Steve, returned to his table but approached the producer again as he got up to leave, urging his dinner companion to capture the meeting on his cellphone camera.

Weinstein, 65, said he would not press charges over the incident, USA sources reported. Weinstein, who was having dinner with his sobriety coach, declined rather politely, while Steve pretends to be Weinstein's biggest fan. Weinstein even asks Steve what he does for a living, trying to steer the conversation away, but the personal trainer can not be dissuaded.

The man walked up to Weinstein and began cursing at him.

TMZ said the person shooting asked if Weinstein wanted to call the police, though this does not appear on the video.

He has denied the allegations but the claims kickstarted the #MeToo movement when women started sharing their own stories online under the hashtag.