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Asif's blunt remarks contradict the stand taken by the Pakistan Army on US President Donald Trump's latest accusation that Pakistan has given the US nothing but lies and deceit thinking of US leaders as fools and now is the time to stop the financial aid to Pakistan.

Pakistani officials have expressed anger at Trump's comments, less about the cuts themselves than about the allegations that they support terrorism.

The president has been tightening the noose around Pakistan for not taking action against Haqqani network and Taliban and dismantling their safe havens.

On the hook is nearly $1 billion of U.S. military equipment that has allowed Pakistan access to advanced military technology, but also funding that is meant to pay Pakistan for helping get USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation materiel into Afghanistan.

"So they know exactly what it is that we've asked of them, and the evaluation to date has been that they have done - they have not taken decisive action on our requests".

It believes that a Pakistani crackdown could be pivotal in deciding the outcome of the war in Afghanistan-entering its 17th year-by weakening the Taliban militarily and forcing the organization to the negotiating table. The amount appropriated in a certain year usually "expires" by September 30 of the next year. Tillerson gave directions at the time of its expiry to keep $255 million separately and "withhold placing any of those funds on actual contacts".

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The CSF funds for 2017, as authorised by Congress, stand at $900 million.

"That is what approximately USD2 billion worth of equipment and the Coalition support funding that that is in play", the official said. USA aid agencies alone gave nearly $5 million to Pakistan in 2017, according to data from USAID.

Republican senator Bob Corker, who is also the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, supported the administration's decision.

"The president has shown that he is willing to speak with clarity when he talks about Pakistan and our relationship", the official said.

Responding to questions, Mattis said Pakistan was capable of "of doing what we're trying to do together". "So we just disagree with that", said the official who was responding to a question to a statement made by Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khawja Asif who had alleged that the USA is "trumpeting India's lies and deceit" and is speaking the "language of Indians".

Nauert, in her media briefing in Washington, also noted, "No country has suffered more from terrorism than Pakistan. We are determined to continue to do all it takes to secure the lives of our citizens and broader stability in the region", said the foreign office statement. "But at this time that's what is suspended", the official said.