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Thomas has said it is up to the Celtics to decide whether they want to honor him during the February 11 game.

There's no doubt that Pierce is a much greater figure in the storied history of the Celtics than Thomas, although the latter became a fan favorite in Boston to a degree that belied his relatively short tenure there of two-plus seasons.

"I'm not saying Isaiah shouldn't get a tribute video", Pierce said on the program.

Pierce, now an ESPN analyst, was in attendance for Kobe Bryant's retirement ceremony with the Lakers, and is hoping for the same kind of all-night kind celebration Kobe got, with highlight packages shown on the jumbotron throughout the game.

"That's Pierce's night. But, like, the video tribute ain't the whole night", Thomas said, per ESPN's Chris Forsberg.

Paul Pierce is getting his jersey retired by the Boston Celtics on February 11, but the team has another plan that same evening.

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It appears that the tribute video saga for Isaiah Thomas is reaching a resolution.

Thomas has previously stated that he meant no disrespect with his request, and that he has no intention of taking anything away from Pierce's big night.

Prior to the Celtics' win over Cleveland Wednesday, Thomas spoke of the controversy that has arisen in the wake of his request to skip the video on a night when he wouldn't be playing and play it on the 11th. "I just wanted my family to be here to see it", Thomas said Wednesday (via the AP), after he watched his Cleveland Cavaliers lose in Boston, 102-88. That's what it came down to.

"And I wanted my family to experience the love and appreciation this city and this organization is going to give me on that night". I know people. I don't know why they're so mad about it.

Pierce was drafted 10th overall in the 1998 NBA Draft and spent 15 seasons with the Celtics.