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We don't yet know who Wise is playing (THR just says she's joined in a supporting role, and that could mean literally anything), but we're excited to see her brought into the fold.

DeWanda Wise is about to have it all.

The biggest idea is that she could be playing the character of Monica Rambeau.

The plot follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien during an accident. We've got Samuel L. Jackson finally returning to the role of Nick Fury (granted, this movie takes place in the '90s).

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We're already getting Carol Danvers' origin in this movie, so it wouldn't be a stretch for someone else to get powers by the film's end, right?

So far, there is no word on whether Monica will factor into Captain Marvel, but fans will find out soon enough.

"Captain Marvel" will be her first major motion picture.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wise is the latest of the casting news for the upcoming "Captain Marvel" film. The film is slated for a March 2019 release-date, with Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck assuming the role of director. The full schedule of Marvel superhero movies can be found here. Captain Marvel is set to have a short period of filming later this month before production kicks into full gear later this spring, so Marvel has been busy rounding out the cast. She also used to go by the name Captain Marvel and was the first female African-American member of the Avengers. She is now fresh off a role in She's Gotta Have It on Netflix, but no word on who she is playing is available at this time.