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According to KTRK, Buzbee and Lindy Layman, 29, were on a date, during which she became very drunk, and the pair returned to Buzbee's home before he called for an Uber to come pick her up.

Layman was charged with criminal mischief and posted a 30,000 bond following her arrest.

A Dallas woman is facing felony charges after police say she destroyed at least $300,000 worth of sculptures and original paintings - including two original Andy Warhol works - at the River Oaks home of well-known Houston trial lawyer Anthony Buzbee. Matters are said to have 'devolved' after Layman refused to leave, with the woman instead hiding inside the attorney's home.

Her attorney, Natalie Ware with the Harris County Public Defender's Office, did not return a phone call Thursday seeking further details about her arrest and asking if she will plead guilty at her January 9 arraignment. Later, when he tried calling a second Uber, she cursed at him and did the damage to the artwork, KHOU reported. He also hosted a fundraiser for then-candidate Donald Trump at the mansion a year ago.

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He successfully defended former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an abuse of power case and -for the party highlights- just hosted a holiday extravaganza this year for his family and friends with special celebrity guest Snoop Dogg.

He claimed to plan to write in Dan Moran on his ballot in October 2016.

Buzbee recently made headlines for parking a tank outside his mansion, sparking a fight with his homeowners' association and, according to Buzbee's Facebook, a rash of tickets.

It features six bedrooms and eight full bathrooms and covers 11,813 square feet. Lindy Lou Layman has you beat, and it's not even close.